How to make money as a single mom

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No matter how much income you bring in every month, most moms feel they could can use a little more cash. Or, a LOT more cash. Most of us could use more spending money, and there’s always debt to pay off or college tuition to save for. If you don’t have any other uses for more money, then hell, might as well splurge for something you want, amiright?

One of the best things about being alive today, is there are more ways to make money than ever these days. The internet is a treasure trove when it comes to finding side hustles or new ways to sell your product or service, and there are money-making apps you can utilize as well.

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Wondering how to make money using your creativity, time, or skill in your spare time? We’ve outlined all the best ways to score some cash below.

  1. How to make money selling products
  2. How to make money selling services
  3. How to make money fast
  4. Find legitimate work-from-home jobs
  5. Easy ways to make money
  6. How to get free money
  7. Best ways to make more money
  8. Start a side hustle today to make more money

How to make money selling products

You can absolutely make money selling products, although you’ll want to be careful you don’t get sucked into a multi-level marketing company, or MLM. Research shows that most who join MLMs never earn real money anyway, and they even wind up spending their money on products and marketing by the time they quit.

But you can sell products and make more money. If you’re crafty, for example, you could earn money selling homemade goods on You can also sell items you already have (think old clothes from your closet, electronics, and more) online through,, or local Facebook groups.

How to make money selling services

You can also earn money selling your talents and abilities in the form of a service. You could mow lawns, clean houses, help people with bookkeeping, or teach piano lessons, for example. Other ways to earn money selling your services include:

How to make money fast

If your goal is making money in a hurry, you need to find ways that don’t require long waiting periods or a bunch of hoops to jump through. Here are some of the best ways to earn money in a hurry:

Find legitimate work-from-home jobs

Maybe you want to find a way to earn a real living from the comfort of your home — giving you the flexibility to manage your life, eliminate a commute, spend a lot of time with your kids, and have real balance in life.

Thankfully, technology and cultural changes mean there are countless ways to earn a high income, while also enjoying a flexible schedule.

This guide outlines 13 high-income work-at-home careers that are great for moms. Only a couple of them require a special degree — the rest you can teach yourself, or learn on the job. These include: is a membership job board created by a mom to help other moms find legitimate, telecommute, flexible and work-at-home opportunities in every niche. This membership site can help you find jobs in your field, whether that’s writing or editing, childcare, human resources, programming, data analytics, and others.

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Signing up for FlexJobs is easy, and you can use it to find freelance jobs or long-term work.

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Easy ways to make money

Sometimes you want your income-producing activities to be as easy as possible, and there’s nothing wrong with that. Fortunately, the internet makes it simple to earn some quick cash without too much work, hassle, or stress. Here are some of the best ways to earn money with ease:

  • Take online surveys with websites like,, Opinion Outpost, Harris Poll, and Survey Junkie (Read: Survey Junkie review)
  • Join focus groups using websites like 20/20Panel,, and FindFocusGroups
  • Play games with CashDazzel
  • Review music on Music Xray
  • Test new apps using Erli Bird

How to get free money

Earning more money can solve myriad financial problems, but it can make sense to look for ways to spend less, too. A penny saved is a penny earned, after all, and any money you can keep will leave you better off.

Some ways to get free money without any real “work” include:

1. Creating a budget to track spending (and cut expenses)

Take a close look at your monthly income and expenses so you can plan a budget that limits how much you spend in fluctuating categories like food and entertainment. Look for ways to save each month, such as cooking at home instead of dining out and limiting your girls nights out to just once a month. (Read: How to create a single mom budget you will stick to)

2. Cut the cord on subscriptions to save money

Speaking of cutting your expenses, you may also want to cut the proverbial cord — as in, cancel your cable television subscription! Doing so could easily free up $100 or more in cash for you to save, and you’ll have more free time to earn money, too. Learn more about the awesome services that will negotiate your utilities and cancel unused subscriptions on your behalf.

[How to save money on a low income]

3. Open a savings account

Consider opening a high-yield savings account so you can earn interest on the money you manage to save. The CIT Savings Builder account lets you earn high interest if you have $25,000 saved or transfer at least $100 per month to your account. Or consider opening a high-interest savings account with CIT Bank >>

4. Shop around for insurance rates

Compare rates among different lenders for auto insurance, homeowner’s insurance, and other insurance products you buy. Policygenius is a great site to help you find the best rates on health insurance, and here is a list of the best life insurance for single moms.

Save money on life insurance

Check out Bestow, a top-rated life insurance provider that offers policies for as little as $5 per month, including those with terms starting at 2 years — perfect if you are going through a divorce, breakup, job change, unemployment, or other life changes.

Save money on car insurance

You are likely overpaying for auto insurance. Call your current insurer and ask if they can offer a discount for safe driving, or if you are like me and live in a city or otherwise drive less than the average 12,000 miles per year, are a low-mile driver. Also, check out Gabi, which promises to save you an average of $865 on car and home insurance >>

Best ways to make more money

The best ways to make money are the ones that provide a steady stream of income you can count on. Yes, this typically involves getting a J-O-B. Fortunately, there are a ton of ways to find full-time or part-time work that can help you earn money now and later:

  • Look for telecommuting and remote jobs through This online employment marketplace can help match you with ongoing or temporary work in your current field or a brand new one.
  • Consider picking up a part-time job using Steady. Look for businesses in your area that might be hiring. Make sure to check and online job posting sites for leads.
  • Ask for more hours at work. Go after that promotion you’ve been angling for. See if you can pick up overtime hours so you can boost your pay over time.

Start a side hustle today to make more money

Finally, don’t forget the prospect of starting a side hustle — or a temporary job you can take on in addition to your full-time work. Side hustles look different for everyone, but they can include concepts like driving for Uber or Lyft, babysitting kids, painting houses, mowing lawns, and more.

Online side hustles include some of the ideas we’ve mentioned already — jobs like tutoring kids with VIPKID, taking online surveys, working as a virtual assistant, or finding online freelance bookkeeping work.

Some side hustles you can do from home also overlap; for example, you can work as a virtual assistant or freelance writer online and from your couch, just like you can write freelance articles anywhere with an internet connection.

The bottom line: There are more ways to make money now than ever, and many of them don’t require any education or training. And the more money the better, amIright?

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