When an ex’s visits are unpredictable

dad's visits unpredicatable

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Co-parenting is often one of the hardest — and heart-breaking — parts of being a single mom. In this Like A Mother episode, I tackle common issues and offer results for problems like:

  • The ex who shows up last-minute or unannounced.
  • The ex who cancels last minute.
  • The ex who perpetually shows up late.
  • What to do with your urge to facilitate a relationship between your kids and their dad, even though he is totally unreasonable and disrespectful of your time.
  • The damage done to your kids when you let your ex mess with your time.
  • How you let your ex control you by controlling your time (and why you absolutely deserve so much better!)



When your kids’ dad cancels visits all the time and last-minute

What do you think? What issues do you have with visitation schedules? How have you successfully resolved difficult co-parenting struggles? Share in the comments!


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