How blogger Ms. Single Mama Alaina Shearer built a $1.2M business and found the love of her life

Alaina Shearer

Alaina Shearer and her adorbs new husband, Seth Gray.


I've known Alaina Shearer, aka MsSingleMama, since I started blogging 3.5 years ago. We bumped into one another at a conference, she immediately shared with me all her advice on blogging and dating, and we kept in touch through the years — including two summers ago when my kids and I crashed at her amazing, rambling yellow farm house she shares with her wonderful second husband, their four collective kids and a few animals.

In this episode Alaina and I discuss the state of single motherhood, why the world has it all wrong when it comes to moms dating, and how she went from being a blissfully single mom to falling hard and fast for the soul-mate-man-of-her dreams.

Read my profile of Alaina on Forbes: How Alaina Shearer Launched A $1.2M Marketing Agency As A Single Mom.


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  1. Elizabeth on February 20, 2016 at 2:31 pm

    So after nearly three years of almost no dating, after a six-year-relationship which ended with physical abuse, which I jumped into after a very short relationship which gave me my daughter (he died of a heart attack when my daughter was 6, he abused her, which is why we split when she was two, and we get a meager $575/mo from SS Survivors’ Benefits), I am finally starting to discover a community of single moms who share an understanding of what it’s like. I am over the victimhood, over the depression (both of my parents died within two years of each other as the second relationship was unraveling), and although I have come a long way with the healing, and doing my best to find a path to financial security, I still struggle with money. So while Alaina mentions that a man has to clearly present benefits across the board, “and then financially maybe but you don’t need that by that point” – maybe YOU don’t need that, but I cannot even afford to date! I cannot afford clothes, I cannot afford to help pay for a nice dinner, and I definitely cannot afford to go on trips together. Mind you, I have made choices that I take responsibility for – I am paying for my daughter to train as a professional ballerina, which also necessitated a move away from my entire social support network – but it still pains me to know that my best years are fading away while I struggle to make ends meet. Previously, I taught music, which was immensely rewarding but pays squat and no health insurance. I am learning web design. I am starting a blog. I am planning to buy a very nice camera this summer and learn photography, which saves me a ton of money on ballet photos while learning a skill I think I would really enjoy. I take care of myself and I look great. Can’t. Meet. Anyone. I feel like by the time I get going financially, I’m gonna be 50. When did she say sex starts to hurt? And what? Orgasms change?

    • Emma on February 22, 2016 at 8:51 am

      Sounds like you regret your financial decisions. If you can afford dance lessons and a professional-grade camera, you can afford a decent outfit for a date. Don’t create excuses not to date – get out there and enjoy yourself!

  2. Salina on May 17, 2016 at 7:24 pm

    Great post! Women can do anything!

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