Such thing as a ‘good divorce’? With Splitopia’s Wendy Paris

wendy paris divorce


Wendy Paris, journalist and mom, joins me to talk about the revolution afoot: There are in fact good divorces, and she can tell you how to have one.

In her new and wonderful book, Splitopia, Paris explains the elements of a good divorce, how to achieve them, and the beauty of normalizing the end of a marriage.

In this episode she shares:

  • How to go through the inevitable freak-out of divorce without destroying your life.
  • The balance between self-love, and self-reflective, brutal honesty.
  • Dating, sex and love after your marriage shits the bed.
  • Why and how to avoid spending your retirement and kids’ college fund on a divorce lawyer.
  • Why playing victim in divorce serves no one.


Have a listen – she’s delightful, wise and offers the roadmap for ushering this inevitable life event into the 21st century and beyond. On Amazon:


splitopia wendy paris


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