#FirstWorldFriday: It takes too much energy to take my discarded junk to the Goodwill

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This is First World Fridays #FWF (check out the first FWF here) where I share the frivolous stuff that I allow to occupy my mind, and I turn it into an expression of gratitude. Please do it the same – in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, privately within yourself. Tag it #FWF (yes, I’m asking you to tag your silent prayers) and let’s start a revolution!

My #FWF In a spare closet I have a stack — a heap! — of discarded clothes and toys and household crap. This morning I tossed in an Ann Taylor knit sundress that was just too stretched out to properly cover my boobs and the gigantic mass of First Worldliness nearly toppled over.

Why don’t I just take it all to the Goodwill already? Too much effort!

See, that would require several trips from said closet to my car which is more often than not parked three or four blocks away with the wire shopping cart, then schlepping across the neighborhood, double-parking with the hazards on and praying I don’t get a $60 parking ticket, and praying I remember to get the receipt so (god forbid) don’t miss an opportunity to write this mound off my taxes.




  • I’m grateful I live in a time and place where having too much stuff is a problem. I mean, really people.
  • I have an extra closet. A luxury in this town!
  • I have a car.
  • The Goodwill.
  • That I can go shopping and replace every single discarded thing — and then some.
  • Charity. And love for my fellow man.



Now your turn! What is your #FWF? Please share in comments! Please? It will make me feel better about myself. 



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6 thoughts on “#FirstWorldFriday: It takes too much energy to take my discarded junk to the Goodwill

  1. Talk about first world, where I live, in the NY burbs, Goodwill and Salvation Army are so picky that they refuse to take most furniture items. They have a long list of what they require. The furniture has to be nearly new for them to take it. Most of the folks here give their stuff away on craigslist.

  2. I got a pile of stuff to go to Goodwill as well, but mine is merely a matter of loading it in the pickup truck, and driving a mile and a half. No parking hassles, tickets, etc. I have less of an excuse not to have it done.

    I am grateful to Ann Taylor for designing dresses out of material that gets over-stretched and fails to adequately cover a woman’s boobs. I hope Ann Taylor has told millions of them. Ha!

  3. Here’s my solution: go on TaskRabbit and hire someone to do it for you. Include an estimate of the value of the items that the person can give to Goodwill, as well as a self-addressed stamped envelope so the person can mail you the receipt from Goodwill for tax purposes.

  4. Ha ha ha. Since I’m a teacher, I do an annual Goodwill purge during the summer…I hear ya. And yes, I’m grateful that I have such abundance that I can discard a carload every year and feel relieved to be rid of those things. And then….shop at Goodwill to amass more…or Village Thrift…or Salvation Army…clearly, I have a problem.

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