#FirstWorldFriday: I just ate too many Rice Krispy Treats and other nonsense

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This is First World Fridays #FWF (check out the first FWF here – it was a wild success!) where I share the frivolous stuff that I allow to occupy my mind, and I turn it into an expression of gratitude. Please do it the same – in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, privately within yourself. Tag it #FWF (yes, I’m asking you to tag your silent prayers) and let’s start a revolution!

#FWFs: This week is full of frivolity. To wit:

  • My hair color could use a touchup but that will fry the ends and require a trim and I’m loving the length, so am in a hair pickle.
  • I just polished off literally half of a pan of Rice Krispy Treats and it’s all I can do to not eat the rest before the kids come home.
  • I’ve been frustrated with my kids failure to listen and actually wrote this text to a friend: “Can you come over and beat up my kids? As a Mother’s Day gift? Please?”
  • I’m irritated by how badly my apartment needs to be painted.
  • It’s spring and all my clothes from last year seem so, so wrong.

Gratitude: Oh, plenty:

  • Hair color.
  • That I live in a country where one of the top problems is people who eat too much.
  • My kids are generally healthy and well-behaved though occasionally they do beat up each other.
  • I could have my apartment repainted any day if I weren’t so lazy.
  • My closets are populated with more clothes than one woman with few social obligations could ever wear in a single year.

Now your turn: What have you been fretting over this week? Was it really important? How can you turn those negative thoughts into acts or thoughts of gratitude. Please share in comments!

 About #FWF: Each week I will post here about the annoyingly frivolous thing I worried about the previous week. I also vow to devote that energy into an expression of gratitude. Two things are true: Sharing openly that which we are ashamed of (in this case devoting time and energy to silly stuff) frees you from that shame, and gives others the permission to do so. Also: The only way to be happy is to be grateful. So post here, on social media, or privately within your family, circle of friends, or even within yourself your own #FirstWorldFriday. Remember – In one breath purge your silly worries, in a second express gratitude.

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7 thoughts on “#FirstWorldFriday: I just ate too many Rice Krispy Treats and other nonsense

  1. Emma, if your hair color needs a touch-up, get yourself one of the root touch-up kits and DIY! My cousin turned me on to this little gem product, which gets me from one salon appointment to the next. And they are oh-so-easy to use!

    My frivolity this week:
    ~My step-brother eloped and is having a fancy reception to celebrate. I have a perfect silk chiffon dress, but had to hem it almost 2″ to get it to knee length instead of frumpy below-knee length (no, they did not offer a petite option!); I spent a lot of time stressing over ruining that beautiful navy dress.
    ~My step-mother bought a navy, knee-length, sleeveless dress for this event. With silver shoes. So I have to find new shoes to wear, since my shoes are silver and, well, you get the picture.

    My gratitude:
    ~My step-brother married the most wonderful woman! And they are generously providing a means for all of us to celebrate this event.
    ~I have a beautiful silk chiffon dress.
    ~I know how to sew, which allowed me to not only save a ton of money on having that dress hemmed (a task I completed without so much as a snag), but also allowed me to make a beautiful dress for my daughter and two matching dresses for her dolls.
    ~My step-mother.
    ~Hair color in a convenient, inexpensive package that allows me to touch up my roots.

    1. Tammy – so loving your whole FWF! The blue dress!! HAhahaha. So glad you have a wonderful new SIL…. enjoy the wedding, your new dress (and whatever color shoes you decide!) and your fab touch-up!

  2. On the list this week:
    -I ate too much.
    -Things are breaking-I hate my condo! How will I manage to fix all these things in my broken down, ancient apartment? Make a to do list…spend time fretting about it!
    -The really together single dad I just went out with likes me too much, I’m not sure what to do with that…I must then ask every friend, and waste lots of time talking about how to deal with it.

    -My enormous, vintage condo located less than 1 mile from work/school, that miraculously I was able to stay in after divorce.
    -I’m handy and can fix things and have awesome parents near by who I can count on for help and advice on how to do so.
    -Meeting great guys to date

    1. This week the 50-lb glass door fell off my shower and I’m not gonna lie – while trying to wield the massive thing back into the hinges I thought: “God I wish I had a guy to do this for me!”

      Instead my helpful neighbor came by and we two handy women got it fixed stat. yay us!

  3. My frivolity over the past couple of weeks:
    –I went to Miami for a weekend with the boyf and my ex refused to take the kids on Sunday night. I had to pay $120 for an overnight babysitter.
    –While I was away in Miami, my daughter suffered a mild concussion, and I had to work from home for the week to take care of her
    –I had to get a minor gynological procedure, under general anesthesia, and I’m feeling all alone because I need to ask people to drive me to and from the hospital

    My gratitude:
    –I have a boyfriend to go to Miami with, even if I’m still learning about how to set limits, ask for what I want, and feel comfortable/confident in relationships
    –I live in a society where it’s okay for a single woman to have fun like this and do things on her own
    –I have enough income to stretch to pay the $120 for the babysitter (who really should have called me immediately regarding the concussion, darn it)
    –I have health insurance, so I can access the appropriate care for both my daughter and myself without breaking the bank
    –I have a job that allows me to work at home for part of the time, if necessary
    –My kids and I are blessedly healthy

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