#FirstWorldFriday: Getting to the bus stop on time is stressful and other insipid annoyances

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This is First World Fridays #FWF (check out the first FWF here) where I share the frivolous stuff that I allow to occupy my mind, and I turn it into an expression of gratitude. Please do it the same – in the comments, Facebook, Twitter, privately within yourself. Tag it #FWF (yes, I’m asking you to tag your silent prayers) and let’s start a revolution!

My #FWF: Where to start?

  • About half of my weekday mornings are a shitshow to get everyone out the door to catch the school bus two blocks away. No matter how early we all wake up, no matter how organized I am, two things remain true: a) at 2 minutes before must leave the house no one has their shoes on and , b) a 4 year-old has no grasp of the concept of hurry, much less the concept of hurry the eff up!
  • I wasn’t so good about my commitment to 30 days of 100 squats.
  • I have no real plan for what to do with my kids this summer and it’s stressing me out.



  • I mean, really. There is a big yellow vehicle that whisks away my kid each and every morning and returns her safely every afternoon. It is free and — despite my scheduled hysteria — convenient.
  • 20 days out of 30 isn’t so bad and my thighs have not looked this good in years!
  • I’ll figure out the kid-summer thing. And if not, no one will die.
  • I have a work life that allows me the luxury of being lackadaisical about child care.

Now your turn: What have you been fretting over this week? Was it really important? How can you turn those negative thoughts into acts or thoughts of gratitude. Please share in comments!


About #FWF: Each week I will post here about the annoyingly frivolous thing I worried about the previous week. I also vow to devote that energy into an expression of gratitude. Two things are true: Sharing openly that which we are ashamed of (in this case devoting time and energy to silly stuff) frees you from that shame, and gives others the permission to do so. Also: The only way to be happy is to be grateful. So post here, on social media, or privately within your family, circle of friends, or even within yourself your own #FirstWorldFriday. Remember – In one breath purge your silly worries, in a second express gratitude.


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4 thoughts on “#FirstWorldFriday: Getting to the bus stop on time is stressful and other insipid annoyances

  1. Gripe: During the home inspection of a house I may purchase, my client’s ex drove by twice, screaming out the car window at me, the inspector, the realtors, and my BF’s 12yo. Turns out the house is down the street from my client’s house.

    Grateful: I’m buying a house. My client’s ex will be moving soon. Most people realize that their divorce isn’t “personal” for the lawyers; they hired a lawyer to help guide them because they are too emotional to make good decisions. If I was personally involved in my cases, I would give terrible advice. Usually the exes in my cases say they wish I had been their attorney, so I’m grateful that this is my first such incident.

    Side note: suck it up and stick your kids in camp with mine already! Jeez.

  2. hahaha @
    a 4 year-old has no grasp of the concept of hurry, much less the concept of hurry the eff up!


    I said exact same thing to my 4 year old this week too!

    Although most of the time we’d get out the door in somewhat of a reasonable time frame.
    Some days though … its like they sense when we’re extra late and tense and agitated and that’s when they are like “hmmm… what can I do to stress mommy out even more!?”

    Its like the less time we have to get somewhere – the slower they (children) move.

    That’s my gripe.

    Teachers at my son’s school are awesome and totally aware of that phenomenon and always willing to help and make the situation better, for the kid and me.

    I mean – how awesome would the teacher needs to be when they rub my son’s back and tummy during nap time to help him go to sleep?!?!?!

    Totally grateful.
    Cause I try to do that at night and my hand gets tired.

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