My fat thighs rubbed holes in my favorite Levis so I got professional help

I’m in pretty good shape – I run or take a yoga class five or six days per week. I eat all my fruits and veggies and know good fat from bad. But between overindulging in sweets and lacking any ability whatsoever to control my portions, I am a good 10 to 15 lbs heavier than I’d prefer. And I have been for years.

But here’s the thing: I’m arrogant. I don’t buy into weigh-loss programs. Seems like a whole lot of recycled science and marketing aimed at teaching any educated person what they already know about being healthy. Here Emma’s weight-loss program, America: Eat less and exercise more! I know what I should eat and what I shouldn’t eat. But that doesn’t mean I do it. I also know I could run longer and faster. But I don’t.

And then my favorite straight-legged Levis died. My thighs rubbed mirror holes through the inseams. A puff of smoke poofed from between my legs. I need help.  masala body

Then Nagina Abdullah reach out. Her business,, helps working moms lose weight. Abdullah, a high-powered business consultant with two little kids, lost 40 lbs recently and looks awesome, don’t you think? She promised to help me me get my act together. Lose some weight. How could I refuse?

Watch here to get Masala Body’s easy tips on weight loss for working moms. And back in a few weeks to see how I’m doing – she promises I’ll see results in six weeks – probably less.

Here are Nagina’s Top 3 tips for working moms who want to lose weight:

1. Keep meals simple. Stop trying to make elaborate dishes that require lots of time and trips to the store!

2. Eat smart. High protein, low sugar and healthy grains.

3. Kill the guilt. This is my fav. Don’t beat yourself up if you don’t eat perfectly every meal or every day. Small steps are huge.

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4 thoughts on “My fat thighs rubbed holes in my favorite Levis so I got professional help

  1. Awesome tips, Nagina! I loved your positivity & simple technique of making small changes in your eating habits!
    What other protein choices would you recommend for breakfast?

  2. Neelam – there are some great recipes for egg muffin cups – you can prep the ahead and have breakfast ready to go, I also like to eat plain greek yogurt with some berries and a dash of vanilla, or I eat cottage cheese.

  3. Neelam – other breakfast protein choices are lean chicken, turkey or turkey bacon, Greek Yogurt, Low-Fat Cottage Cheese and natural peanut butter (Any peanut butter that has roasted peanuts listed as the only or major ingredient – try Crazy Richard, Krema Natural or Smart Balance).

    Whey protein is an excellent choice of protein also. You can add it to any smoothie at home. A quick already prepared whey protein shake to grab on those days you’re on the go is Premier Protein shake in chocolate or vanilla. It’s low sugar, high fiber and very high protein.Plus it tastes great.

    Emma, bacon is so easy to make and tasty (good news). Bad news is it includes a high portion of unhealthy, saturated fats and high sodium. Since bacon is processed, it contributes to some cancers. You can enjoy it once in awhile, and an alternative you can also try is low-sodium turkey bacon. 2 slices of Oscar Mayer Turkey Bacon is a popular choice.

    Seanna – your suggestions are very healthy. Great job!

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