Experian interviews me about single-mom life, crazy-ass mornings and building a fantastic family

single moms and money



You know I love to interview amazing people on my podcast and in my posts. But I also love to be INTERVIEWED by amazing people on THEIR podcasts! Here, Ellen Sirull (soon-to-be new mom) and Aubrey Singer (divorced dad), of credit bureau Experian interviewed me at FinCon15 in September about being a single mom making money. We explore:

  • How and why I started blogging.
  • What motivates me to serve unmarried moms.
  • What this country really needs to do support working parents (not just single moms!).
  • What my trip to Denmark taught me about the possibilities of state support for human parents.
  • That single parent families can and do thrive every single day of the week.
  • The reality that my life is often a raging shit-show, and that is OK.

While we were chatting, the incredible visual illustrator Kelly Kingman of Kingman Ink was creating the illustration above. Isn’t that the COOLEST?!



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