Emma TV: If you don’t get a side hustle you put your family at risk


I love it when other people’s passions align with my own. Kimberly Palmer, a long-time money reporter for U.S. News & World Report, started an Etsy business when her youngest child was born as a way to build in job security and additional income stream on top of her corporate job. Her book, The Economy of You: Discover You Inner Entrepreneur and Recession-Proof Your Life is out today. Here we talk about the importance of self-employment:

Economy of You cover-Job security is gone. A side hustle insulates you from the ups and downs of the economy.

-There is nothing scarier than having one source of income and worrying it will disappear.

-The self-employed are free from frustrations of lousy raises. They just give themselves a raise.

-Self-employment is awesome for parents seeking work-family balance (take it from me).

-Freelancing and moonlighting are nothing new! Kimberly found the number of people working side jobs has remained steady over the past century.

-There is far more financial upside when you own your own business, and as companies deconstruct their labor into more contract and freelance work, that means more income for you — not less!



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