How to earn more while working less: My New York Post advice to moms

Today the New York Post featured me (and some cute pics with my kids) about hunting down that elusive work-life balance. Check it out here.

A snippet:

If you’re unhappy in your job, or feel like the schedule is too punishing to be a happy parent, don’t be afraid to step off the ladder. “The reality is the current corporate structure is completely destabilizing right now,” says Johnson. “If you’re unhappy, that’s your truth. Listen to it. Don’t say, ‘Oh, the money is so good, I have to stay.’ There is a way to be self-employed in almost any industry, whether it’s through consulting, tutoring, entrepreneurial work — think outside the box.”




3 thoughts on “How to earn more while working less: My New York Post advice to moms

  1. This is a great write up. I’m sorry about the way things came about, but I am glad you were able to turn it into a positive. You must inspire so many people.

    Perhaps one day you’ll write a follow up on how you attracted such attention and how you feel it benefited your business. A lot of people need help, not just starting something, but growing it. Maybe you’ve already talked about this. I am off to browse the rest of your site!

    1. Thanks DJ. There is no real secret about attracting attention/media. I think it really is about creating a quality product, responding to what customers/readers want and need, and being true to one’s self — in my case it helps that I hold opinions that are outside the mainstream, so that does attract attention in a space that is flooded by milquetoast content.

      Other tips:
      -Be helpful. When people ask me to spread things by social media, I do. Or ask advice or to make an intro – not much sweat off my back and builds network and good vibes.
      -Keep at it — these projects are easy to abandon. Perseverance pays off (cliches are cliches fora reason)

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