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Hey mama — Have debt? Credit card, medical, student loans, car payments, mortgage payments, personal loans to your family or friends, loans against your 401(k) or pension?

You’re not alone. Pew research found that 80 percent of Americans have debt, too.

Debt can be incredibly stressful, keep you from reaching your financial and life goals — even prevent you from dating or finding love.

That is why I created Debt-Free Single Moms, a closed Facebook group only for single moms committed to facing down their debt — for once and all!

Interested in being part of an open, supportive, positive group of ambitious, wonderful moms? Ready to face your financial skeletons and pay that debt down?


Join Debt-Free Single Moms now. Single moms only, guys!



What's Your Credit Score?


Did you listen to this Like a Mother interview with my friend Lauren Greutman of IamThatLady.com? Lauren and her family found themselves over-mortgaged and in $40,000 in credit card debt. In this episode she tells about having her Mary Kay pink Cadillac repo’d from the driveway of their over-leveraged McMansion, lying to her husband about her spending, getting job at the local steakhouse, and gradually and surely taking hold of her money and life. She’s hilarious, honest and wonderful:

lauren greutman i am that lady


Join Debt-Free Single Moms now!


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