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25 cheap and unique date night ideas

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Whether you are too exhausted or broke to go out, are just hankering for a quiet night in, here are some date night ideas from single moms who are enjoying themselves this year.

1. Movie date night (or TV) and chill

Abagail: Wine and Wheel of Fortune.

Mica: We order takeout and binge watch our favorite shows with a bottle of wine…or rum…depending on the type of after party we're trying to have. 

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2. Making dinner together

Susanne: Fondue, first cheese, then broth and then chocolate fondue. Best way to enjoy each other's company, eat food and have something to do the whole time without making it awkward.

Rachel: We love to have taco & margarita night where we make our delicious tacos & creative margs. Also playing the app “Card Decks” while enjoying a charcuterie board!

Kimberly: Cook together while listening to some great music.

Sandra: Order HelloFresh and cook together.

Mai: Spa, crackers & cheeses & wine. Oh and of course bubbles. 

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3. Board games

Sarah: We had a great time playing Yahtzee and trash talking each other a few nights ago.

Jennifer: When is the last time you played a game? You forget what we loved as a child and honestly it is fun to see how someone plays back against you. Character comes out.

4. Multiplayer video games

Melissa: Play old school video games and cook together.

5. Unsolved mysteries night

Kate: We are working on an Unsolved Case Files now! It’s pretty cool!! Takes a lot of time 😉.

6. Learning

Teia: I love the classes at Airbnb.

Dionne: Making homemade candles! body painting! exercising and smoothies!

Stephanie: Teach each other a new skill. How to play chess, cook a special recipe, teach a language you might know, etc.

7. Fires

Meredith: Sitting around our fire pit and drinking wine.

Kimberly: We have a pool table and dart board in our basement…. so we go down there and have competitions and have a fire pit …. hot dogs and s’mores ! Always a blast!

8. Exploration

Laure: Our isn't necessarily home, but we go on free dates. We have Trek bikes and plenty of trails around us. We can load up a cooler, eat before or after our ride at a picnic area.

9. More date night ideas:

Elizabeth: “This has been my life this year!” Favorites:

  • Black tie night in: wear ballgown, tux, order in from the fanciest restaurant in your town:
  • Backyard or rooftop picnic
  • Go through the “36 questions to fall in love” from that famous NYT article
  • Find an elaborate, amazing recipe and spend all day making it together (we did lasagna from scratch once and it was amaaaazing)
  • Scenic drive together
  • Learn something together: a dance, a skill, something you can learn in a single evening
  • Online fitness classes

Angi: Sleep.

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Date night ideas from Reddit:

Any at-home date night ideas to share? Put em in the comments!

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