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18 cute gifts for your boyfriend he’ll love

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Finding the perfect gift your man will love can be anything but simple.

Of course you can always go functional with a pair of slippers or a sports jersey, but sometimes the best presents are ones that take a little extra thought. 

Whether you just started dating or have been together for years, we’ve got you covered. These 22 cute gift ideas for your boyfriend are perfect for any occasion, whether it’s your guy’s birthday, your anniversary, or just because.

Best cute gift: Customized watch

When it comes to gifts for your boyfriend, a watch can be a wonderful choice. This unique, handmade wooden watch is beautifully designed and easy to match with both business and casual attire. 

To make this cute gift extra special, you can engrave the backside with a custom message. Every time he looks at his wrist, he’ll be reminded of you.

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Best cute gift under $25

Personalized pet face socks

If there’s a special canine or kitten in your boyfriend’s life, these adorable personalized socks make an equally sweet and fun gift. Simply upload an image of Rufus or Felix and choose from an array of colors and designs. He’ll be so excited to adorn his feet in these comfy socks and show off his beloved pet everywhere he goes.

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Best DIY gift for boyfriends

Love letters

Write letters to your boyfriend that he can open when he needs a confidence boost, when he can’t sleep, when he feels sick, or when he needs a good laugh. 

You can even add little gifts in the envelopes if you’re so inclined, like a photo of the two of you or a piece of chocolate to boost his mood when he’s having a bad day. 

Check out this set of “Open When” Letters from Etsy.

Best cute birthday gift for boyfriends

Custom cornhole game

What better way to celebrate your boyfriend’s special day than to kick back, relax, and partake in some friendly cornhole competition? This classic lawn game is an old favorite, and he’ll be thrilled to have a set of his own to bust out during a barbecue or quiet summer evening just the two of you.

Elevate this cute gift by personalizing it with a photo of his favorite sports team or a picture of his pet. Simply upload your photos and showcase them on your customized cornhole set.

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Best cute anniversary gift for boyfriends

Our adventure book 

Everyday with your soulmate feels like an adventure, so why not document all the fun times on your journey in this special scrapbook? Fill your Adventure Book with photos, ticket stubs, postcards, and other memories to remind your boyfriend of all the unforgettable experiences you’ve had together. 

Whether it’s the first hike you took as a couple through the mountains, that time you went wine tasting, or your trip to Mexico, he’ll love reliving all your favorite adventures — and might get inspired to plan some new ones to fill more pages.

While these are our top picks, there are plenty of options for cute gifts for your boyfriend online. Here are some more ideas:

5 cute birthday gifts for your boyfriend

Engraved whiskey glass set 

If your man is a whiskey fan, this is the perfect birthday gift for him. This beautiful set comes with two hand-blown, crystal-cut whiskey glasses and stainless steel stones so he can keep his favorite drink chilled without diluting it with ice cubes. 

The stones are packaged in a sleek, velvet bag, and you’ll also get two vintage slate coasters to remind your boyfriend that “life is better with you.” The set comes in a beautiful hand-crafted wooden box engraved to “My Handsome Man” with a sweet message on the front.

Scratch off U.S. and world travel map set

Do you and your boyfriend have a travel bug? Whether the two of you have plans to jet set abroad or love road tripping around the U.S., this is the perfect gift for any adventure-loving couple. 

The set includes a map of the United States and a map of the world, both of which have a scratch-off surface, so the two of you can mark off all the places you’ve visited together. It’s also the perfect motivation to book your next vacation!

“King of the Grill” cutting board

For the aspiring pitmaster in your life, this unique cutting board makes the perfect birthday gift for a man who likes to grill. Made from restaurant-quality bamboo, the board features a clean design and can be engraved with your boyfriend’s name for a personal touch. 

For an additional cost, you can add a matching apron for your guy to don while entertaining at his next barbecue.

Movies bucket list poster 

Is your guy a big movie buff? Then he’ll love this scratch-off movie bucket list poster to hang in his room. From Oscar winners to critically-acclaimed films, this collection includes 100 of the greatest must-watch movies. 

He’ll have a blast ticking off the ones he’s seen (and giving you his detailed reviews). Plus, the films you both haven’t seen will make the perfect date night movies for your cozy nights in. 

Custom bobblehead doll 

Give your boyfriend a funny birthday gift that’s one of a kind — just like him! He’ll love to display this quirky miniature version of himself on his desk, bookshelf, nightstand, or anywhere else it will make him smile. 

These bobblehead figurines are completely customizable. Just upload high-resolution photos and choose hair color, eye color, and skin tone. You can also choose the doll’s clothing and add accessories like a guitar, fishing rod, basketball, golf club, or baseball bat.

8 cute anniversary gifts for your boyfriend

Songs that remind me of you mix tape

What’s more romantic than making a mixtape for your other half? Your guy will adore this modern twist on a treasured gift that's a total blast from the past. Choose a playlist of all the songs that remind you of him to create a personalized retro cassette tape. 

The best part is you don’t need a vintage tape player. The cassette comes imprinted with a Spotify QR code so he can listen to your perfectly curated tunes on whatever device he chooses.

Buy a Personalized Retro Cassette Tape from Etsy

You’re my person keychain

This sweet, affordable gift for your boyfriend will remind him how much he means to you every time he grabs his car keys. The sturdy keychain is made of stainless steel and engraved with the simple message, “You’re my person.” 

It’s the perfect anniversary gift for a guy who isn’t into grand gestures or over-the-top gifts, but treasures small tokens that let him know just how special he is in your life.

Personalized record

Music can be associated with powerful memories, and there’s no better way to mark your anniversary than with your special song. This record comes personalized with both of your names and the name of your special song. 

You won’t need a turntable for this gift. The record comes with a Spotify QR code that you can scan and listen to any time you’re both in the mood to dance to your favorite tune.

Buy a Personalized Record from Etsy

Night sky star map 

Do you feel like the stars aligned the night you met? Simply enter the date and specific location of the first time you both crossed paths to create a custom star map of how the sky looked on that magical night. 

You can personalize everything from the color, style, title, names, and frame, so your gift is as unique as the celestial fingerprint of your special day.

For your dapper gentleman, consider these gorgeous cufflinks customized with the vintage maps of your choice. Pick any two cities, towns, or villages in the world that are meaningful to your relationship — perhaps both of your hometowns or where you met and where you live now. These cufflinks will complement any suit he wears when the two of you celebrate your next special occasion.

Buy Custom Map Cufflinks on Etsy

Personalized log candle

If your boyfriend is a sucker for nostalgia, he’ll love this personalized log candle with your names carved into the stump. 

Choose one of the lovely scents: fresh pine, vanilla bean, or crackling birch. You can even enjoy the candle’s aroma without lighting it. Perhaps start a tradition where the two of you light it every year on your anniversary as a testament to your growing love.

Buy a Personalized Log Candle from Etsy

First met, first date, first kiss map 

What better way to commemorate your special day than a stroll down memory lane? This personalized gift is the ultimate sentimental gift for your boyfriend, marking the dates of your important relationship milestones, including where you and your beau first met, had your first date, and shared your first kiss. 

It comes complete with adorable heart-shaped maps of the locations where these happy memories took place. You can customize your design and frame color. 

Buy the First Met, First Date, First Kiss Map Gift on Etsy

Why I love you puzzle 

Want to remind your boyfriend of all the reasons why you love him so much? This thoughtful gift allows you to do just that in puzzle form. 

The Why I Love You Puzzle comes in 12-, 20-, or 32- piece sets, and each piece comes customized with a reason of your choice. The center piece is personalized with your honey’s name, and there are four different designs to choose from. After putting all the pieces together, he’ll see the full, sweetest picture of just how much he means to you.

Buy the Why I Love You Puzzle from Etsy

4 cute DIY gifts for your boyfriend

Vitamin me bottle

Give your guy a daily dose of love with this DIY Vitamin Me bottle. It’s the perfect sweet, quirky gift for your boyfriend for any occasion or just because. The bottle comes filled with 60 pill capsules featuring various emoji faces, accompanied by blank pieces of paper you can stuff inside. 

Write in messages to your sweetheart, inside jokes, short love poems, or inspirational quotes to get him through the day. They’re all packaged in a realistic pill bottle with cute “nutrition facts” and “warning” labels.

Buy the Vitamin Me Bottle from Etsy

Love coupon book

For a simple yet sweet DIY gift for any occasion, why not give your guy a personalized coupon book? You get to choose what the coupons are for, whether it’s a date night of his choice, a weekend getaway, a homemade dessert, shoulder massage, or something a little more steamy. Get as creative as you’d like! Editable versions you can print at home are available on Etsy, or you can make your own.

Buy this Coupon Book template on Etsy

Pre-planned date nights

This is a thoughtful gift that keeps on giving long after you give it. Fill up this book with pre-planned date night ideas for you and your boyfriend to partake in the future. Write out plans to take a romantic walk on the beach, build a cozy fort together, or have a picnic under the stars. (If you have kids, don't forget to hire a babysitter).

If you have extra cash to spend, buy a gift card for movie tickets and popcorn for a night at the cinema or a voucher to his favorite restaurant. He’ll appreciate your thoughtfulness and having so many fun dates to look forward to.

Buy this Pre-Planned Date Night book on Etsy

Jar of memories

This simple yet sweet gift idea will remind your boyfriend of all the big and small moments that make your relationship so special. Personalize each sheet of paper with a favorite memory you’ve shared as a couple. 

With this Jar of Memories on Etsy, each memory is printed on gorgeous paper in the color of your choice and comes rolled up and secured with a gold ring. But you can also make your own at home — all you need is a mason jar, paper, some ribbon or yarn. He’ll love strolling down memory lane with you, and the two of you can talk about all the ways you’ll fill up the next jar.

Buy this Jar of Memories on Etsy


What do boyfriends like as gifts?

While it may sound corny, it really is the thought that counts, says relationship coach Carmel Jones. ​​She says everyone likes to receive practical gifts, but those can come from anyone.  

“Boyfriend gifts are about showing you care, that you've been listening, and that you feel a romantic connection to him,” says Jones, who founded The Big Fling review site and whose advice has been featured in major outlets like Cosmopolitan.

What can I gift my boyfriend to make him feel special?

To make your boyfriend feel special, Jones recommends giving him presents that align with his interests. 

“It wouldn't make sense to get your boyfriend a nice bottle of wine if he's not specifically interested in wine,” she says. “This will show that you haven’t been listening to him.” 

What is the best gift for a boyfriend?

Gifts that hold special meaning for your relationship also make wonderful gifts for your boyfriend, Jones said. If he loves music, make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of him, in addition to a physical gift he’ll love. 

“If your first date was going to a particular movie, an autographed poster of that movie signed by the actor would be epic,” Jones says. 

Bottom line: What is the cutest gift for a boyfriend?

“If you can find a gift that combines his interests with something significant to the relationship, you've hit the jackpot,” Jones says. 

For example, if he’s a fashionable guy, a custom watch or cufflinks make ideal cute gifts for your boyfriend. For intangible gifts, Jones recommends tickets to a sports game or destination he loves that you can experience with him.

Need to get a gift for your boyfriend's mom? We've got you covered.

What do boyfriends like as gifts?

While it may sound corny, it really is the thought that counts, says relationship coach Carmel Jones. ​​She says everyone likes to receive practical gifts, but those can come from anyone.

What can I gift my boyfriend to make him feel special?

To make your boyfriend feel special, relationship coach Carmel Jones recommends giving him presents that align with his interests.

What is the best gift for a boyfriend?

Gifts that hold special meaning for your relationship also make wonderful gifts for your boyfriend, relationship coach Carmel Jones said. If he loves music, make a playlist of all the songs that remind you of him, in addition to a physical gift he’ll love.

What is the cutest gift for a boyfriend?

“If you can find a gift that combines his interests with something significant to the relationship, you've hit the jackpot,” relationship coach Carmel Jones says.

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