Crazy thing you did with your engagement ring after divorce?

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It’s the new year, and as any divorce lawyer or family therapist will tell you, it is also divorce season. The holidays are often the nail in the proverbial marriage coffin. Bye-bye bad marriage, hello new life!

I’ve written a lot about the best way to sell an engagement ring and bridal jewelry after divorce. I sold mine, and I strongly suggest, when you are ready, you do, too. Getting rid of old things, especially those that have sad or angry memories, frees you welcome new and positive experiences and people into your life. As Aletrice said:

“I sold all of the jewelry he ever gave me, including my wedding set, and paid for a divorce attorney. Best decision I ever made!”

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Not everyone chooses to sell, and found other, meaningful ways to part with their engagement ring.  Here are some of my favorite stories….

Funny (and smart) things women did with their engagement rings after divorce:

Monique: Climbed a mountain and threw it off the summit.

Sarah: Put it in the collection plate at church.

Melanie: Sold it. Bought an entrance to a marathon, new running shoes, got my hair cut and colored, bought my kids a toy, and paid my attorney (some) of the money I owed. It was tough, but I’m glad it’s not there burning a hole in my soul.

Misty: Sold it to buy gas to leave his sorry a$$!

Marilyn: Sold it. Kept thinking about the Gary Lewis song, This Diamond Ring Doesn’t Mean What it Meant Before.

Precious: Flushed it. It was cheap just like our marriage.

Joan: Since mine is 3.5 carats I still wear the fucking thing…😳

Eve: I left it on the dresser for him along with a note that said it was as worthless as his vows to me.

Shonda: Bought hardwood floors for the house. We’d fought bitterly over that while we were married. I enjoyed my new floors for three years before selling the house. The realtor estimates the floors added $25,000 value. Win!

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Brenda: When my divorce was final, I put them in an urn which holds the ashes of my baby girl furbaby. She is gone and so is my marriage, so now they – the memories – are entwined forever.

Jess: My wedding band was worn, and engraved on the inside, so I couldn’t get more than scrap gold value for it. It had felt like a shackle to wear. So I threw it into the Great Salt Lake the day before I left the state for good.

Julie: I took all the jewelry he gave me to our jeweler who bought them. Most were “sorry I screwed up” pieces, so all loaded with bad memories. I purchased several pieces that I really love, including nice diamond stud earrings, and don’t miss a single piece.

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8 thoughts on “Crazy thing you did with your engagement ring after divorce?

  1. I actually saved it for my daughter. She should know that her parents had loved each other very much at one stage and the ring symbolized this love.

  2. I took mine to a jeweler and had them take it apart and made into lockets and tie pins for my 4 kids… It was a really difficult decision to make (it was my perfect ring, I helped pick it out). Hopefully they will love it as much as I did.

  3. I switched out the diamond for a black diamond -looks awesome in the fancy setting and black diamonds are so trendy right now. I wear it on my right hand and joke that my ring turned black like my heart. I love it!

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  5. Well I haven’t done it yet but I am going to have it redone to include all family birthstones and to go on my right hand instead. It is a thirty year marriage and there have been many good years even though it is finishing up now.

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