How much it costs you to work on leap day

working on leap day


It’s leap year! Unless your birthday falls on Feb. 29, who cares, right?

Actually, leap years create compensation pickles for salaried workers, who are paid on an annual rate, which is typically based on a 365-day year. But on leap years, there are 366 days, and you likely work that extra day — though you are paid for just 365.

Fair? Unfair?

Regardless, of morality, that workextra day costs you — $82, estimates the folks at — a company dedicated to helping homeowners sell their homes without an agent, saving potentially tens of thousands of dollars —  compiled this handy (and horrifying) infographic to help explain what that means. It’s not just the unpaid work salaried people should understand, but the daily expenses that this calendar quirk incur. can help offset inevitable life expenses — like working for the man on leap day.


working on leap day


What do you think? Should you get paid extra for working leap day? Share in the comments!


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