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Stop being ‘just a mom’ and start being a cool woman

  I am writing from a charming apartment in Copenhagen (complete with wood floors, white walls, and minimalist, teak furniture — biked parked outside on the cobblestone walk), where I will spend the next three weeks living, working, traveling, hanging out with friends I met last year when I accomplished more or less the same…


This single mom traveled alone for the first time with her kids. It was empowering, devastating and awesome.

 Bumping this up, as it was published last year, and is so lovely. Enjoy, and be inspired! Today I received this letter from a Canadian reader, Samantha. I love the bravery it exhibits — both in her story of mustering the courage to leave a bad marriage, then to venture out into solo vacationing with kids,…


I cried when I compared my life to a perfect family’s but the joke was on me

Last month, as part of our big Midwestern roadtrip, my kids and I stayed for 10 days in a gorgeous five-bedroom turn-of-the-century lake house in northern Michigan, a home swap with the older couple who live there and, in turn, stayed at my apartment in Queens. The kids and I drove more than six hours…