Russ Thornton women divorce

#LikeAMother Russ Thornton: Women, money, divorce and getting your financial act together

“Divorcee is a fact of life, and I’ve seen divorce be a dark time in a woman’s life. I’ve also see women go on to find themselves and really shine.” Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   My friend Russ Thornton, the founder of Wealthcare for Women, a financial advisory focused on…

Rebecca-Traister all single ladies

Rebecca Traister of All the Single Ladies, why women are single

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   I’ve been a Rebecca Traister fan for a long time, ever since I saw the feminist political journalist interview one of my idols, the late Nora Ephron, at the 92nd Street Y nearly a decade ago (could that have been a more NYC…

sandra Schwarzer soros

#LikeAMother: Soros Open Society Foundations’ Sandra Schwarzer wins 6-month parental leave

  What will it take to creating the parental leave and family-friendly policies in the workplace? First step – aggressive acts of bravery by moms inside the system. Including you. I call you to micro-aggrevate the system! Listen to see what I mean. Take a note from Sandra Schwarzer, global director of human resources at…

emma johnson podcast like a mother

#LikeAMother: Whoa, I get interviewed?

  A few weeks ago my friend and podcast producer Chad Dougatz of Hangar Studios announced that he was going to interview me for my show. What?! Here you go! Why I stayed in the apartment I’d shared with my ex after my divorce. The realities of my Facebook / IG life vs. reality. Why…

Lizanne Falsetto

#LikeAMother How single mom Lizanne Falsetto built and sold ThinkThin for $217 million

Lizanne Falsetto, 52, last month sold her protein bar company, ThinkThin, for $217 million. In this Lizanne Falsetto interview, we dish about: Her darkest moment, while going through divorce, facing business bankruptcy when the Atkins craze tanked and her dad died — and how she pushed through. Why this former model stayed in the background…


Experian interviews me about single-mom life, crazy-ass mornings and building a fantastic family

    You know I love to interview amazing people on my podcast and in my posts. But I also love to be INTERVIEWED by amazing people on THEIR podcasts! Here, Ellen Sirull (soon-to-be new mom) and Aubrey Singer (divorced dad), of credit bureau Experian interviewed me at FinCon15 in September about being a single mom…

mother daughter podcast interview

#LikeAMother Mother-daughter interview with my Helena, 8

  My favorite episode yet! Super-special guest today … my daughter, Helena. This 8-year-old gorgeous pickle and I have a mother-daughter interview: What it’s like to be a kid of divorce What she thinks about her mom dating Why kissing in movies makes her so embarrassed My proudest and best memories of motherhood How she feels…

Alaina Shearer

How blogger Ms. Single Mama Alaina Shearer built a $1.2M business and found the love of her life

Alaina Shearer and her adorbs new husband, Seth Gray.   I’ve known Alaina Shearer, aka MsSingleMama, since I started blogging 3.5 years ago. We bumped into one another at a conference, she immediately shared with me all her advice on blogging and dating, and we kept in touch through the years — including two summers…


#LikeAMother Budgeting like a mother with Lauren Greutman of IAmThatLady.com

  I love Lauren Greutman. I mean, who else can talk about coupons and budgeting and you still like her after? Lauren and her husband Mark run IAmThatLady.com, a site devoted to teaching families how to build the life they want — on a budget. In this episode Lauren tells me the amazing, devastating and…


#LikeAMother Christelyn Karazin of BeyondBlackAndWhite: Race, dating, marriage and women of color

  I’ve been friends and a fan (fran?) of Christelyn Russell-Karazin for a long time. A mom of two, freelance writer and founder of BeyondBlackAndWhite.com, Christelyn has impressed/shocked me with her razor-sharp stance on interracial relationships. A black woman married to a white man, who also had an unplanned baby with a black man, she is…


#LikeAMother: Why it’s so much easier to make money in NYC with my BFF Betsy Smith

Growing up in Sycamore, Ill. (pop. 10,000), I dreamed of moving to New York City to be fabulous: To have a fabulous career, attend fabulous events, hang out with fabulous people. My dreams came true, for the most part. Including the people part: I spend much of my free time with Betsy Smith, my friend…


#LikeAMother Single mom Jenn Scalia grew her business from $0 to $500k in 2 years

  Two years ago, Jenn Scalia, 34, was a recently divorced New Jersey mom, unemployed and living with her parents — and miserable. This year she will bill $500,000  ($400,000 profit) from her coaching and business consulting business for female online entrepreneurs. One month she did $100,000 in sales. What struck me about Jenn’s story is not…


#LikeAMother 7-figure single mom Leanne Ely on why families don’t eat dinner together, and picky eaters

  Growing up, one of my fondest memories is waking up on school mornings in the winter, lured from my cozy bed to the still-chilly house by the smells of breakfast cooking. Every single morning of my childhood, my own single mom would rise before my two brothers and me, and cook a proper hot…


#LikeAMother Farnoosh Torabi and why breadwinning women make relationships so damn hard

  In being so open about my romantic life and divorce, people — strangers, even — often confess to me the very personal, dirty details about their own personal lives. One big theme I hear again and again: Women frustrated with their husbands, whom they feel do not pull their weight around the house or with the…


#LikeAMother Samantha Ettus’s antidote for when you feel like failure (woman, I’m looking at you!)

  I’ve known Samantha Ettus for three or four years now — long before people had a reason to take my calls or do me favors. And she always took my calls, and supported me with advice and social media shout-outs and brainstorming when I needed it. So, of course, I always loved her. But,…


#LikeAMother Brandie Weikle of TheNewFamily.com, celebrating non-traditional families

For several years now, we know the traditional, nuclear, two-parent, married hetero family is the minority. Instead, as many of us have suspected, the majority of kids in this country are being raised in households that are multigenerational, headed by gay parents, or — in the majority of these non-traditional families — single moms or dads.…