women in tech

Can moms close the gender gap in STEM jobs?

Nicole Smith, founder and CEO of Flytographer, with one of her sons. The number of women represented in technology jobs, and venture capital firms and startup CEOs, is dismal. But these field are ballooning in demand for skilled workers, and many positions — remote and from home work — are often excellent fits for parents.…

breadwinner moms

Are breadwinning moms good for families?

    A few years ago headlines screamed when Pew reported that 40 percent of families with kids were headed by breadwinner moms. This is a prickly social shift: On one hand, hooray for gender equality! On the other, swarms of anecdotes from both men and women quickly reveal that this result of the feminist…


Kim Garst, 3x social media entrepreneur, badass mom

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   In the 90s, social media entrepreneur Kim Garst was sick of being broke, so she launched a seven-figure business from her dining room table with no marketing. When she maxed out on that web design business, Garst became involved in a wildly successful network marketing business,…

mama gena pussy

Mama Gena, on NYT bestseller PUSSY: A Reclamation

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Earlier this year I interviewed an incredible woman, someone whose work has changed the way I feel about my body, sexuality, gender and life:  Regena Thomashauser, aka Mama Gena, who, through her in-person and online workshops called Mama Gena’s School of Womanly Arts, and books by…

anna akbari

Anna Akbari: “Run your life like a startup”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Anna Akbari, PhD, is a sociologist, stylist, and author of the upcoming book: Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way To Happiness (St. Martin’s Press, January 2017). Preorder now: Akbari is more than your garden-variety stylist. She digs deep into your goals, fears and…


Post-divorce, 1-year free pass to be a HOT MESS

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play I see it all the time, and you likely do, too. People fall apart when their marriages end. No matter if it is an amicable, Gweneth Paltro uncoupling, your decision or his, wether there was plenty of money or everyone is now destitute, divorce is…

marlena stell makeup geek

Makeup Geek’s Marlena Stell on her $20M business

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   I interviewed Marlena Stell for Forbes last year, and we’ve stayed friends since. This 36-year-old entrepreneur built MakeUp Geek, the once cosmetics blog, now-makeup brand on track for $20 million in sales — and she’s remained just as passionate, real and cool as…

cindy gallup

#LikeAMother: Cindy Gallup wants you to be a great lover

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Cindy Gallup wants you to be a great lover. The former longtime Bartle Bogle Hegarty ad exec, ‘Advertising Woman of the Year’ award from Advertising Women of New York, advocate for women in business, and now sex education entrepreneur, blew the TED world’s mind in 2009…


#LikeAMother Special guest star: my daughter Helena!

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   Since her first appearance was such a wild success, my lovely, irreverent daughter Helena is back! In this episode we discuss: How we can better navigate the stressful morning routine Helena’s big reveal about her secret scat strategy for finding quiet reading time…


#LikeAMother: Single mom money manifesto

  Listen. Take Note. Repeat. And, if you’re word-learned like me, you can read it: I will set big, giant scary goals for myself and family, regardless of what my family looks like, or what other people think I am capable of. I appreciate every single day that I live in a time of unprecedented…


#LikeAMother: Amy Silverman on raising a child with Down syndrome

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play I’ve known Amy Silverman for more than 15 years, from when I worked with the Phoenix New Times award-winning journalist’s husband Ray Stern at another (now defunct!) Arizona newspaper. I remember when their second daughter Sophie was born, and how they contended first with…


#LikeAMother – Are you fibbing to promote your mom-identity?

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play A few anecdotes: The mom blogger who earns six-figures each year calls herself a “stay-at-home-mom.” (Not surprising: Pew found 40 percent of Americans believe (brace yourself for the horror) it HARMS children when their mothers work outside the home. The Columbia educated mom who…

Manon DeFelice inkwell

#LikeAMother: Manon DeFelice: “High-achieving women were dropping out, so I created a solution.”

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Two years ago Manon DeFelice launched Inkwell, a recruiting agency specializing in placing high-level professional moms in positions with flexible or part-time schedules. In the past six months the agency grossed $500,000 in commissions, and is projected to hit 7-figures in 2016. Impressive numbers for DeFelice, a 35-year-old…