selling tiffany jewelry

Sell Tiffany Jewelry (and make extra cash)

  Women love Tiffany jewelry. A recent survey of nearly 8,000 consumers ranks Tiffany and Co. jewelry as having the highest ratings for luxury, as defined by measures including product quality, product distinctiveness, brand heritage, enduring appeal, status, exclusivity, and a feel-good factor. After all, Holly Golightly wasn’t enamored with the famed breakfast spot for…

diamond buyers online

Online diamond buyers

Are you ready to let go of the past, declutter, and make a pretty profit? Of course, you are. Here’s what I want you to do: Take a walk into your bedroom, open your jewelry box, and find that one piece of jewelry collecting dust at the bottom. Maybe it’s a pair of untouched chandelier earrings…

Places to sell jewelry online

Best places to sell your jewelry online

Do you have fine, unworn jewelry or watches cluttering your jewelry box, or safety security box? Maybe you have a diamond engagement ring or other bridal jewelry from a relationship that ended. Many people inherit necklaces, earrings, brooches and watches from loved ones — items that may have complicated emotions attached, no matter how lovely or…


How to sell your old watch online

A good watch is effortlessly classy. There’s something so empowering about wearing a bold, stylish timepiece on your wrist when you sit down for a meeting or head into an interview – or on a date, a watch makes you look like a total badass. But that same watch — or another one, that doesn’t…


How to make cash by selling your old earrings online

Let’s do a little exercise: Picture your jewelry box, jewelry bowl, jewelry stand, box of older jewelry in your closet or safety box, where ever you keep yours. Now, try to picture each pair of earrings. When’s the last time you actually had an occasion to wear huge dangly gold hoops? Perhaps you’ve got an…


Make money selling your necklace online

Ever considered selling your necklace online? Remember that pearl necklace your ex bought you years ago as a last-minute anniversary gift? How about that diamond necklace you picked out for your 30th birthday? Whether you choose to admit it or not, jewelry often carries a strong emotional bond with it – for better or for…

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I’ve had a long-standing relationship with, an online marketplace for selling your diamond engagement ring, heirloom and estate jewelry, watches and other jewels. There are lots of reasons that I chose to work with them, including their A+ Better Business Bureau rating, that a casual search online revealed mostly positive posts, and, because increasingly,…

selling estate jewelry

Why you should (probably) sell your heirloom jewelry

Recently, I was chatting with my good friend Sarah, who mentioned that she’d inherited her beloved grandmother’s large antique sapphire-and-diamond brooch. I was surprised to hear this — after all, I’ve known Sarah for years, and see her a couple times per month. I’ve never seen or heard about this knock-out heirloom bling! “Oh, it…