Single Mom Inspiration

#LikeAMother She’s The First’s Tammy Tibbetts, millennial social entrepreneur

  Tammy Tibbetts, 29, bucks common assumption that millennials are a bunch of entitled brats. Six years ago Tibbetts launched She’s The First, a nonprofit that supports girls’ education in developing countries. To-date, the charity has supported nearly 600 girls in 10 countries — all thanks to Tibbetts fundraising, including her signature tie-die cupcake fundraisers…


15 financial steps to a rich life as a single mom

It’s no one’s Plan A. But being a single mom does not mean you’re destined for the welfare line, free school lunches for your kids, or living in your parents’ basement. The first step is to convince yourself that your new life will be one that is full, joyous and financially rich. For some people, it can…

sex after divorce

Why women feel sexier after divorce

At least I have my kids. That’s another thing I tell myself when things are tough. When I worry I’ll never figure out the relationship thing. When I sit back and think, “How the hell did things turn out this way?” No one tells you these things can happen. There isn’t an afterschool special, a…