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#LikeAMother: Sarah Megan Thomas’s film Equity: Women, Wall Street, sex and money

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play Read my Equity, The Movie: Should Women Wield Sexuality To Get Ahead At Work? on Forbes. Really excited to announce this episode comes via Sanebox, a super-easy-to-use app that turned my email inbox from enemy to BFF. I used to have thousands and thousands…


This single mom traveled alone for the first time with her kids. It was empowering, devastating and awesome.

 Bumping this up, as it was published last year, and is so lovely. Enjoy, and be inspired! Today I received this letter from a Canadian reader, Samantha. I love the bravery it exhibits — both in her story of mustering the courage to leave a bad marriage, then to venture out into solo vacationing with kids,…


#LikeAMother: Single mom money manifesto

  Listen. Take Note. Repeat. And, if you’re word-learned like me, you can read it: I will set big, giant scary goals for myself and family, regardless of what my family looks like, or what other people think I am capable of. I appreciate every single day that I live in a time of unprecedented…

emma johnson single mom book

The Kickass Single Mom book!

I got an awesome book deal and am so freaking excited about it! (So is my kid.)   UPDATE: WANT TO PRE-ORDER THE BOOK? CLICK HERE! :)   I’m from the Midwest, and the No. 1 rule in the Midwest: Don’t think you’re too cute. In other words: Humility above all else. Don’t brag. Always keep…

lauren maillian

#LikeAMother: Lauren Maillian, entrepreneur, investor, author and proud single mom

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   I was stunned when, a couple months ago, I attended a media event for the Oxygen show, Quit Your Day Job (think SharkTank meets Survivor), where one of the panelists, and show co-host, Lauren Maillian took her turn at the mic, introducing herself. Some…

emma johnson united nations

I spoke at the United Nations and it gave me hope for women everywhere

    Last week was a real highlight. A next-level amazing experience that doesn’t happen every day. I was invited by the Foundation for Gender Equality to speak at their annual summit for women’s equality at the United Nations (hashtags #womenseconomicempowerment #planet5050. I believe I manifested this opportunity, as I’ve become increasingly interested in policy work, and was…

Sell your diamond engagement ring to afford wellness.

Clean out your Jewelry box and rid yourself of clutter

I’m a big fan of cleansing your life. Clutter is the enemy, and not just because stuff makes your home a mess, your closets, and drawers difficult to manage, and gives your housecleaner way too much work. Sell your bridal jewelry or other diamond jewelry to minimize this physical, mental and emotional clutter. Clutter — even…

emma johnson podcast like a mother

SAHMs lie about working, Unemployed moms lie about staying home. WTF?

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play I keep hearing women who work from home — some earning a lot of money — call themselves “stay-at-home moms.” Meanwhile, I see moms who are un- or under-employed who go out of their way to make sure that no one things they are…

Rebecca-Traister all single ladies

Rebecca Traister of All the Single Ladies, why women are single

Other ways to listen: iTunes  ♦  Stitcher   ♦  TuneIn   ♦  SoundCloud ♦ Google Play   I’ve been a Rebecca Traister fan for a long time, ever since I saw the feminist political journalist interview one of my idols, the late Nora Ephron, at the 92nd Street Y nearly a decade ago (could that have been a more NYC…

sandra Schwarzer soros

#LikeAMother: Soros Open Society Foundations’ Sandra Schwarzer wins 6-month parental leave

  What will it take to creating the parental leave and family-friendly policies in the workplace? First step – aggressive acts of bravery by moms inside the system. Including you. I call you to micro-aggrevate the system! Listen to see what I mean. Take a note from Sandra Schwarzer, global director of human resources at…

emma johnson podcast like a mother

#LikeAMother: Whoa, I get interviewed?

  A few weeks ago my friend and podcast producer Chad Dougatz of Hangar Studios announced that he was going to interview me for my show. What?! Here you go! Why I stayed in the apartment I’d shared with my ex after my divorce. The realities of my Facebook / IG life vs. reality. Why…

Lizanne Falsetto

#LikeAMother How single mom Lizanne Falsetto built and sold ThinkThin for $217 million

Lizanne Falsetto, 52, last month sold her protein bar company, ThinkThin, for $217 million. In this Lizanne Falsetto interview, we dish about: Her darkest moment, while going through divorce, facing business bankruptcy when the Atkins craze tanked and her dad died — and how she pushed through. Why this former model stayed in the background…


Experian interviews me about single-mom life, crazy-ass mornings and building a fantastic family

    You know I love to interview amazing people on my podcast and in my posts. But I also love to be INTERVIEWED by amazing people on THEIR podcasts! Here, Ellen Sirull (soon-to-be new mom) and Aubrey Singer (divorced dad), of credit bureau Experian interviewed me at FinCon15 in September about being a single mom…

Alaina Shearer

How blogger Ms. Single Mama Alaina Shearer built a $1.2M business and found the love of her life

Alaina Shearer and her adorbs new husband, Seth Gray.   I’ve known Alaina Shearer, aka MsSingleMama, since I started blogging 3.5 years ago. We bumped into one another at a conference, she immediately shared with me all her advice on blogging and dating, and we kept in touch through the years — including two summers…

Single moms who thrive

ONE difference between single moms who thrive, and those who don’t

  This week’s post, “Do you need to break up with your single mom friend?” really resonated with readers. It got me thinking about how I have met so many amazing single moms since I started on my own single-parent journey six years ago, and of course especially since launching this blog three years back.…