Can women make the first move? Duh, of course! But SHOULD they … ?


This weekend I was interviewed on the FM radio show / podcast Dudes of Disruption, where the hosts debated whether women should make the first move in romance — initiate the first date, sex, or propose marriage.

Host Nick Papadopoulos has lots of ideas about how women are equal and can and should initiate whatever they want. I say: Um, that is a given. But where does inherent gender roles, sexual chemistry and human nuance come into play? Gregory’s stance is since men are more prone to leave relationships and families, they should be the one to do the asking.

The convo got a little spicy! What do you think? Have a listen and comment below!


Dudes of Disruption airs on WHCR 90.3 FM 2p Sundays, and is hosted by Nick Papadopoulos and Gregory Nesmith, and executive produced by Tommy Spero. Follow  the dudes on:

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2 thoughts on “Can women make the first move? Duh, of course! But SHOULD they … ?

  1. its been my experience that men think women who make the first move to be “trampy”. Secondly i wish that if i was to smile at a guy at a bar that he would buy me a drink .. as for what makes a dude hot – it all depends on the woman .. for me .. i look at clothes and shoes first – then make it to the face or vise versa .. convo is next but physical attraction is first

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