Busy is the new fine: What Laura Vanderkam says you can do to get a grip


vanderkam most successful people before breakfastLaura Vanderkam, bestselling author of the new What the Most Successful People do Before Breakfast, is a friend of mine and has changed the way I live my life. I credit (blame?) her with helping me see the light about laundry and shushing many of my guilty thoughts about hiring child care. Here she lends more advice about how to deal with overwhelm — and people around you complaining about overwhelm.




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6 thoughts on “Busy is the new fine: What Laura Vanderkam says you can do to get a grip

  1. Good interview. I’d add that the “I’m just sooo busy” angle is often a convenient excuse to avoid getting together with someone. But, I guess it’s more polite than saying, “Even though there are 8,760 hours in a year, I can’t quite motivate myself to spend even 2 of them with you anytime soon…if ever.” The busy claim is as all-purpose as duct tape…

    1. Ha! So true Harry. People have been doing that forever – but the new thing (I find) is that there is a sort of status symbol attached to being occupied)

      1. I think it all comes down to low self-esteem. People want to be “busy” because it makes them appear in the eyes of others, well…important.
        Also, technology has crept into our (not mine) lives and many people spend way too much time doing…mindless stuff, like updating facebook status and twitting etc.
        People also have larger homes than many , many years ago those home need to be maintained. People commute for work and that takes time. People over schedule their kids because they thing that’s the trendy thing to do…
        I live my life simple. I do keep a clean and neat household and cook for my family meals from scratch, yes, including baking bread, making ice cream etc. It’s all about priorites, time management etc.
        Like you mentioned, this a first world problem.

        1. Anna- Great perspective. We have so many choices, so much control over our lives that we do not appreciate it. Good on you for taking a deep look at what makes you happy and embracing it.

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