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If you’re thinking of seeing a therapist but aren’t sure where to start, you may want to consider online therapy instead of in-person counseling. Meeting with a professional for online mental health treatment can make it easier to fit therapy into your busy schedule, and the costs can be lower, too.

The convenience of Breakthrough online therapy is outstanding since you can set up a time that fits your schedule without worrying about traffic, finding a babysitter, or taking time off work. Breakthrough also has the added benefit of billing your insurance, which can minimize your out-of-pocket costs.

Want to know more? Here’s a complete Breakthrough online therapy review.

Is Breakthrough online therapy legit?

Meeting with a therapist online is increasingly common. But before you divulge your deepest thoughts, you’ll want to make sure the company isn’t a scam. Luckily, Breakthrough passes all the tests.

The Boston Globe, Bloomberg Businessweek, The New York Times, and The Oprah Magazine have all featured Breakthrough online therapy.

This company also accepts most major insurance, which is a huge benefit. Plus, the web-based platform is HIPAA compliant — which means that it is extremely confidential and secure.

What is Breakthrough online therapy?

Breakthrough is a leading provider of online therapy that treats mental illness. The company became part of MDLIVE, which is one of the largest companies to provide telemedicine services, in 2014.

The platform has a network of licensed therapists and psychiatrists to pick from. You can even sort through the list of available professionals by location, title, specialty, and type of accepted payment before you get started. Finally, you have the option of communicating with the therapist before you make a financial commitment.

How does Breakthrough online therapy work?

With Breakthrough, you can opt to meet with a professional through your computer or on your smartphone with the help of video software. Before you schedule a formal appointment, however, consider contacting the therapist you’re interested in working with to see if the two of you are a good fit.

After you find a therapist or psychiatrist, setting up a time to meet is simple. Your session can last from 15 minutes to an hour, and Breakthrough’s online calendar lets you pick a time that works with your schedule.

Can Breakthrough online therapy prescribe medication?

Unlike some other online therapy companies, Breakthrough has a network of psychiatrists that can prescribe medication. Before they give you a prescription, your psychiatrist must examine and assess you according to your state’s telemedicine requirements. Price is $259 for the first psychiatrist session, followed by $99 for follow ups.

Is Breakthrough online therapy worth it?

Whether online therapy is worth your time and money depends on your situation. If you’re struggling with depression, anxiety, or another mental illness, talking with a professional can help you uncover tactics to cope with situations and events.

If you can’t drive to a physical location, the convenience of meeting with a licensed therapist or psychiatrist online is fantastic. No matter where you are – at home, on your lunch break, or in between appointments – finding time for an online session is a piece of cake.

Here are 8 reasons online therapy is a great, effective option for busy parents.

Does Breakthrough offer free online therapy?

Breakhrough does not offer free online therapy, but BetterHelp does provide online counseling free for 7 days..

Does Breakthrough online therapy cost money?

Breakthrough online therapy recently changed its pricing to a simple $99 per session.

If your insurance will pay for your sessions, you might not have any out-of-pocket costs. Other insurance plans may require a copay every time you see your therapist. Check on Breakthrough's site to see which carriers they work with, and you may also need to check with your health insurance to understand what counseling or therapy is covered.

If you plan on paying the full price without insurance, the amount you’ll need to fork over depends on the therapist you choose.

Compared with other online counseling sites like BetterHelp, where prices start at $40 per week flat, Breakthrough is one of the more expensive online counselor apps.

Is Breakthrough online therapy covered by insurance?

Breakthrough is one of the best providers of cognitive behavior therapy online. Plus, they accept most major insurance plans. For example, the company has therapists that contract with Aetna, Amerigroup, Blue Cross and Blue Shield, Cigna, Humana, TriCare, and Western Health Advantage, just to name a few.

Keep in mind this isn’t an extensive list and that every insurance provider has limitations on their included benefits. Most of the time, you’ll need to call your insurance company to find out if this type of therapy is covered or not.

Breakthrough vs BetterHelp — which online therapy site is better?

If you’re looking for online therapy, both Breakthrough and BetterHelp are both solid choices. With either one, you can use video chat for convenient face-to-face sessions. But communication with your therapist is limited with Breakthrough since they don't let you text your counselor any time of the day or night like BetterHelp does.

Cost is a huge advantage with BetterHelp, where the cost is a flat rate starting at $40 per week for unlimited counseling, whereas Breakthrough charges $99 per session, and $259 for the psychiatrist session, followed by $99 for followup sessions.

BetterHelp has a free 7-day trial. Breakthrough does not have a free trial.

Breakthrough doesn’t share that it has any evaluation process for their therapists, including a licensing requirement. BetterHelp, on the other hand, requires its counselors be licensed, trained, and accredited in their state level, and each holds either a masters (MA or MS) or doctorate (PhD) degree.

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Breakthrough does have an advantage in that you can connect with one of its psychiatrists who, depending on their and your state laws, may be able to prescribe medication — whereas BetterHelp therapists cannot provide this service. If this is important to you, Breakthrough may be a fit.

Online therapy serviceCostInsurance?Trustpilot ratingBBB ratingFeatures
HealthSapiens$120/mo. unlimited sessions for Wealthysinglemommy readers (usually $197/mo.)Maybe3.2/5A-Unlimited, 24/7 immediate access to a therapist. Not for ongoing counseling.
BetterHelp$40-70/week for unlimited sessions, plus 7-day FREE trialMaybe4.6/5A+You choose from thousands of licensed counselors, connect via phone, chat, email or video at your convenience. You can choose to be anonymous .
BreakthroughFlat $99 per session. For a psychiatrist who can prescribe prescriptions, the initial session is $259, followed by $99 for follow ups.Maybe4.4/5AChoose a therapist through the HIPPA compliant site, schedule online. Rx prescribing psychiatrists also available.

How to get started with Breakthrough

First, check out all your online options. Here is our list of the best online counselor sites to choose from.

If you’re ready to get started with online therapy, you’ll be happy to know that Breakthrough streamlines the sign-up process. You can browse the list of therapists and psychiatrists to find a match based on what is important to you. Then begin the application process online, from the comfort of your home.

Knowing the platform accepts several insurance plans can bring peace of mind, although the price you pay can vary based on the therapist you choose. Once you’re matched with someone, your appointments can be as short as 15 minutes or last up to an hour, and making your first appointment is easy thanks to the online scheduling process.

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