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emma johnson single mom book

I got an awesome book deal and am so freaking excited about it! (So is my kid.)




I’m from the Midwest, and the No. 1 rule in the Midwest: Don’t think you’re too cute.

In other words: Humility above all else. Don’t brag. Always keep it cool when referencing your accomplishments, and never, ever appear ostentatious or self-congratulatory or self-aggrandizing.

To which I say:


Last week my unbelievable book agent Wendy Sherman sold THE KICKASS SINGLE MOM: Be Financially Independent, Make Every Man Want to Date You, and Raise Fabulous, Happy Children to Penguin imprint TarcherPerigee in a three-way auction for six figures.

I’ll say it: It was so awesome, and I am so excited to write and promote this book.

Formal announcement to come:

Journalist, blogger, podcaster, and the No. 1 leading voice of single motherhood, Emma Johnson’s The Kickass Single Mom, inspiring single moms (more than 12 million in the U.S.) about finances, dating, and raising happy children was sold to Sara Carder at TarcherPerigee (world), at auction by Wendy Sherman at Wendy Sherman Associates. Publication expected Fall, 2017.

The best part of this new project is that it is not about me at all. Wendy, Sara and other people familiar with the book believe what I believe:

A successful family no longer is restricted to a traditional, nuclear unit. Parents are entitled to embrace all of their romantic, economic and family options without shame. Children, parents and society thrive when mothers are financially independent, fulfilled professionally and romantically, and cast away pressure to shoehorn ourselves into a single, outdated idea about womanhood.

So. This. This is my big deal this year. But it represents a big deal for millions of people. This is a moment. I’m so proud to be part of it. There, I said it.

Humbly, I said it, people.



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