#LikeAMother Miki Agrawal of THINX period panties


SUPER-DUPER EXCITED! Today I launch Like a Mother with Emma Johnson, Season 1, Episode 1, produced by Palegroove studios and available in iTunes. This is gonna be big, people. Upcoming guests include Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, Tinder co-founder Whitney Wolfe, Gigolos star Vin Armani, Free-Range Kids renegade Lenore Skenazy, personal finance super-star Farnoosh Torabi, time management guru Laura Vanderkam, coupon queen Lauren Greutman of I Am That Lady, and lots of other killer guests, with whom I’ll be chatting all about work, money, sex, relationships and being a mom. Just like always.

Today’s episode is all about Miki Agrawal, my awesome entrepreneur friend who, at 36, has launched WILD, a NYC farm-to-table, organic, gluten-free restaurant that she brought to  Las Vegas in partnership with Zappos’s Tony Tseih, launched THINX, the reusable period panties that threaten to disrupt the $15 billion pad and tampon industry, and now Tushy, a bidet product that forces you to ask: “Why the hell am I still wiping my butt with paper every morning?”

Miki is smart, funny, frank, super-feminist and balls-to-the-wall in her approach. Expect more important and great things from this woman, who told me:

“If I can own the vagina and butthole, I win.”

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