Arianna Huffington on sleep, ego, wellness and single motherhood

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Over the past few years I’ve totally prioritized getting a lot of sleep — at least 9 hours, which means going to bed just after tucking in my 7 and 9 year-olds! The difference is incredible: More energy, never sluggish in the mornings (OK, most mornings!), more focused and I lost a few pounds, too.

Needless to say, I am really excited about this episode! Media mogul, political pundit, single mom and Forbes’ ‘Most Powerful Woman,’ Arianna Huffington joins me on this awesome episode to talk about her New York Times bestselling book, The Sleep Revolution: Transform Your Life, One Night At A Time.

After the show, Arianna emailed to say our conversation “felt like talking to an old friend” — and I agree. In this Like a Mother episode, the Huffington Post co-founder and editor-in-chief and I dish about:

  • The indisputable, powerful, cannot-ignore science quantifying why sleep is really key to health, wealth and happiness.
  • How we could all save so much money and energy on beauty treatments if we just chilled out and got regular Zs (Jane Fonda and Jennifer Anniston told Huffington sleep was the key to their ageless looks).
  • Huffington’s own rock-bottom of sleeplessness— waking in a pool of her own blood, having passed out in a bout of extreme exhaustion.
  • The expensive professional mistakes Huffington made as a result of lack of sleep.
  • Huffington’s personal connection between rest, intuition and spirituality.
  • 3 easy, 100% free, and life-changing moves everyone can make now to dramatically improve your sleep— and life.
  • What Arianna Huffington wears to bed.
  • The high priestess of sleep calls me out on my secret bad bedtime habit (despite my proclamations of great sleep hygiene. Busted!)
  • Why the prioritization of sleep really is a revolution— one requiring a paradigm shift in our attitudes about work, success, wellness and even science — and what everyone from executives to politicians to workers to moms can do to push the revolution forward.



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9 thoughts on “Arianna Huffington on sleep, ego, wellness and single motherhood

  1. That was wonderful to listen to. It probably added to it that I listened to it on a bike ride in the middle of the day :) I average a little less than 7 hrs, it’s something I want to do better with. I will use some of the tips!!

  2. Great episode, Emma! I average 7-8 hrs per night and, occasionally still feel sleepy during the day or while sitting in So Cal traffic. This book and podcast gave me new clarity around some bad habits I need to break to get better sleep. Must create a bedtime ritual and cut out wine after 8…sniff sniff!

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  4. Thank you for sharing. I enjoyed listening to this. It made me think an want to take action in my own life. i KNOW i don not sleep enough and yet I continue to hit the ground running daily.

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