Anna Akbari: “Run your life like a startup”

anna akbari

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Anna Akbari, PhD, is a sociologist, stylist, and author of the upcoming book: Startup Your Life: Hustle and Hack Your Way To Happiness (St. Martin’s Press, January 2017). Preorder now:

Akbari is more than your garden-variety stylist. She digs deep into your goals, fears and issues, and helps you dress for life you want. Fascinating stuff.

Her book is equally fascinating, yet totally common sense. You know those women and so do I: Brilliant in business and money, disasters in their personal lives. Akbari taps into the entrepreneurship-obsessed zeitgeist and breaks down truisms about Silicon Valley incubation into action steps for how to excel in all parts of your life. Including:

  • Finding the career of your dreams
  • Landing the mate or romantic life you crave
  • Health, money and lifestyle you want and desserve.


While you’re loving on Akbari, check out her TEDx talk on digital happiness. Prepare to have your mind blown.


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