7 Mother’s Day wishes for you, gorgeous single mom!

single mom mothers day


In case you missed it from last year: Happy Mother’s Day to all the beautiful single moms! Here’s why single mothers are awesome

Writing you this in my robe, my kids are with their dad, I ate very good chocolate and lots and lots of coffee for breakfast, and am now thinking of my single mom sisters around the globe. Here are my wishes for you, single mom, on this Mother's Day:

  1. Dream really, really big — regardless of your family status — and know that you can achieve it. Listen to me: There are no limitations. There just aren't. Do what you want to do.
  2. Embrace your freedom to create a family and romantic life that suits you. That you have the strength to ignore people who tell you what your family should look like, or what kind of relationship will make you happy, or whole or acceptable. Only you know that.
  3. Give yourself a freaking break already. Live it up a little! Dance — at the club, in the kitchen in your robe, in the yard with the kids. Go out with your girlfriends and laugh your ass off. Eat spaghetti with your kids not using any hands. I mean, really. Just be ridiculous, OK?
  4. Enjoy your kids. If you're like me, it can be really, really easy to get into a rut of dragging the kids out of bed, shoving some semi-healthy food down their little throats, wrangling them grumpily into the shower-clothes-jackets-shoes-bus each morning before dragging our own selves into the shower and to the office … then repeating in reverse in the evenings. It can be easy to lose track of the fact that life is to be lived (see above). Kids are pretty freaking awesome, hilarious, full of adorableness and life lessons. They grow up really fast. I know you know this. But we all need a reminder now and again.
  5. You embrace that are more than a mom. You are a sexy woman, a wonderful friend, a talented and hard-working professional. You are a spiritual person, someone who has a physical body that needs care, nurturing and exercise, a creative individual whose pursuits the world needs. You are likely a daughter, sister, cousin and niece, a citizen and activist. All, all, all of those things are important. My wish is you honor each one.
  6. Get your sexy on. Moms are sexy. You know why? BECAUSE YOU'RE A WOMAN. You know why else? YOU ARE A PERSON! There are a zillion studies that show sex makes humans happier, healthier, richer, have sparklier teeth, walk straiter and have hair with that certain bouncy-bounce (I am editorializing on those points, but you know it's true). The idea that single moms shouldn't enjoy all those basic, life-sustaining and enhancing benefits is just inhuman. Rev up your vibrator, set up a Tinder date, whatever you have to do. Just do it.
  7. You know you are a revolutionary. No one teaches you how to be a single mom. But you do it. You do it pretty damned well. People see that. Your kids see that. Unhappily married moms around you see it. Single women who dream of being mothers but are unsure of whether they could do it on their own see it. I see it, and other single moms do, too. The world is watching you and me and we are making a difference every time we do it right. Which is most of the time.
  8. Know that your family is whole. You are not missing a parent. You have enough love and enough time to create a beautiful family and life. You are enough.



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