5 reasons being a single mom sucks


As you know, most of the time I dig being a single mom. Things are pretty sweet at the moment: My kids and I have been enjoying each other more than usual. I’ve been meeting the most fascinating and sweetest men. My social calendar is booked. And this blog has turned my professional life around in the best way.

But in the spirit of keeping things real (it is the holidays, after all!), I don’t want to forget that things aren’t always rosy. Here are 5 reasons that being a single mom can bite:

1. The kids are so cute. So funny and clever. And you can tell your family and neighbors about it. Post their antics on Facebook. But it would be good if someone were there to see it. To come home and expect to hear the latest. And then laugh with you and give you that knowing look that makes all the cuteness and silliness even cuter and sillier.

2. You have a big meeting and you got up extra early to take the shower and put on the heels and have everything in order to get the kids out the door 15 minutes early and one of them throws herself on the floor and refuses to wear socks even though it’s like 12 degrees out and the other gives you a stone cold look right in the eye as he slowly pours his milk on the floor and one or both of your children may be taken by their shoulders and actually screamed at and can’t someone else step in here and take the fuckers to school just THIS ONCE so you can get to your meeting so you can land the deal so you can make a good living so you can take care of everyone? And MOTHERFUCKER there’s milk on your tights and THAT’S IT – just go push the elevator button and I DON’T CARE if your feet freeze. 

3. There are roaches in your kitchen. You can deal. But could some guy please come and kill the bugs? Please?

4. It’s Sunday afternoon and your kids are with their dad. You’re a big girl. You are totally fine eating at a restaurant alone. Or going to a movie. Or even the theater or on a hike. Sometimes those are great times — in the world and alone. But sometimes, times you can’t predict, there are times when it might be nice if someone where just there. Just there next to you in the movie theater. Not even holding your hand or cracking up a the same scenes. Just being close by. But maybe he will hold your hand. Then afterwards you will walk in the street together and talk about the movie. Maybe you’ll even disagree a little, or you’ll laugh about the dialog. And then you get on the train and go home.

5. Some days a girl just needs a hug. Days when nothing in particular is wrong — because on those days you can always call your girlfriends or your therapist or your brother and talk about that thing. The days when everything is a bit too much and it’s not that you want to get laid. You need someone who loves you to put his arms around you when you’re standing in the kitchen and give you a goddamn hug. 

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6 thoughts on “5 reasons being a single mom sucks

    1. Thanks Frau – but are we the unsung heroes? I don’t really think of myself as that, but rather just another woman, mom and professional trying to make a great life for my kids and myself. Does that make me special?

    2. I love how single mommies think of themselves as “heroes”. Just because you get up and raise kids hardly makes you heroes. Just because you squeezed out kids you had with a guy you ultimately didn’t stay with (and up to 90% of the time you made the choice to divorce) in no way makes you a hero. Single mommies are rather the biggest villains in any story.

  1. This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. Everything you said I feel most days. There are awesome days too, but wow this all rang true. Thank you. Good to know I am not alone.

    1. This is probably one of the hardest things I have ever done. Everything you said I feel most days. There are awesome days too, but wow this all rang true. Thank you. Good to know I am not alone. Funny that today is the 2 year anniversary of when you posted this. Please tell me it gets easier lol.

      1. It is one of the hardest things you’ve ever done. It is also one of the most common. On tough days I remind myself: Dumber and poorer people have done this :)

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