3 ways to get a free copy of The Kickass Single Mom

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Recently, hundreds of single moms in the Millionaire Single Mom Facebook group stunned me with their generosity and vulnerability by supporting one another through a book sponsorship program: Moms who wanted a copy of The Kickass Single Mom but were in a tight financial spot, asked for a sponsor, while moms who were in a position to help, offered to buy copies for other single mom.

So much beauty! This is why I get up in the morning (sometimes):


3 ways to get a free copy of The Kickass Single Mom:

If you would like to find a copy of The Kickass Single Mom at no cost — or support other women getting the book for free — here are three things you can do right now …

Ask for or offer to be a sponsor

  1. Add your name and email to this Google sheet. If you’d like to be a sponsor, pick a mom on the list, email her and immediately strike through her name so everyone gets a chance: 

    Use a free 30-Day Audible Trial

  2. Get a free audiobook version (narrated by me, if you care), with an Audible 30-day trial. Be sure to cancel before the 30 days if that is your plan!

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    Order or borrow from your local library

3. Go to your local library! Support libraries, get books for free. If they don’t have a copy of The Kickass Single Mom, just ask and they will likely order one for you! This is just a nice thing to do, not only for me, the author, but for all the single moms in your community, even if you don’t use your library much, or already have a copy. Find your local branch: https://www.worldcat.org/libraries

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For more information about The Kickass Single Mom, including retailers, go here.

Here I am on The Doctors talking about budgeting, child care, investments and whether to get rid of your bridal ring!


3 ways to get the Kickass Single Mom book for free! Be financially independent, discover your sexiest self, and raise fabulous, happy children! Single mom inspiration / single mom parenting / single moms supporting each other

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