12 reasons why I love Daddy’s house

One of the big bummers about divorced families is that there are two houses. A favorite stuffed black puppy is often at the other parent’s home; homework hanging out at the wrong address, at the wrong time. Looking for your rainbow-striped socks? Probably at Daddy’s.

It can be heartbreaking to witness your children shuffle between two homes, which must sometimes feel like no home at all.

But the upside of co-parenting is that DADDY HAS A HOUSE! Here are 12 things that belong at Daddy’s house:

1. 87% of Halloween candy (minus the Butterfingers).

2. 89% of Easter candy (minus the malted chocolate eggs).

3. Any toy that makes a noise.

4. Any toy requiring batteries.

5. That tacky Ariel T-shirt your daughter WILL.NOT.STOP.WEARING.

6. Ditto the Lightening McQueen sneakers.

7. Children acting like dicks.

8. 92% of completed school work and projects.

9. Children, when you’ve just had enough.

10. The worn, dog-earned and taped-together copy of Katy Caboose. Because no rhyming book should be that long.

11. Children, when mommy has a date with that really sexy artist.

12. Children, every Wednesday evening and alternating weekends, as well as rotating holidays and two weeks in the summer and one week during winter break.



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4 thoughts on “12 reasons why I love Daddy’s house

  1. You totally forgot Legos – especially that 2000 piece Ninja Turtle set that will take hours and hours to build and seconds to destroy.

    But, honestly, I take issue (a little) with Number 12. Ideally, Dad should have them more often than alternate weekends and Wednesday night dinners. Dad can be a great co-parent when given the chance (and all of the noisy toys, legos and ugly princess shirts…)

    1. I wish mine would take them that much. He takes them barely 48 hrs a month. I offered Wednesday afternoon/night and every other weekend Friday-Sunday….he chose Saturday afternoon to Sunday afternoon every other weekend. Sigh…

  2. I have sent him the Halloween candy and parade candy and flarp (I think that’s what it’s called, the farting putty?) they got as a birthday party favor. And I do get one day to myself every two weeks. So that’s nice. I worry that it’s his parents raising the kids more than he is, though. They’re not exactly nice people.

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