The 1 simple business practice that infuses gratitude into every day

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A lot has been written about the science behind the positive power of gratitude — how being grateful boosts your happy factor, health, and kindness towards others. Over the years I’ve developed my own gratitude practice both within myself, as well as with my children as I wrote about here. In essence, I do not believe a person can be truly happy, meaningfully fulfilled, if you do not take stock of what you do have, and focus on the good and abundant. And if you are reading this on any electronic connected to any form of Internet, you probably have a whole, whole lot to be thankful for.

Part of my habits include infusing gratitude into my business. Not only is this an extension of my broader life philosophy, but showing others appreciation in small and large doses is proven to boost loyalty, open communication and all kinds of other good things that improves colleague and client relations — and weaves gratitude into your own rhythms, too.

One thing I make a point of doing with every business email I send is start with a note of gratitude. It is often simple, and could be construed as basic manners or a formality, but I beg to differ. A simple: “Thanks for your note,” forces me into a grateful mindset. It also starts the communication on a positive tone (even if — or especially if —  the discussion to follow is a difficult one).

Here are some other ways to start professional emails with a note of appreciation:

“I appreciate you following up.”

“Thank you for your time on this morning’s call.”

“Great first draft.”

“Thank you for reaching out.”

“Thanks for the nudge/update/info.”

“Thanks for the feedback.”

“Thanks for being awesome.”


What do you think? Do you have a gratitude practice for your business? What works for you? Please share in the comments! 


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