VIDEO: How to get an awesome job after being a stay-at-home mom



It’s video time! In my latest Earn Like A Mother episode, I show how it is very possible to create a dream career after being out of the workforce with kids. I interview one of my best friends, Betsy Smith, who stayed home for 12 years, then launched a social media consulting career (she’s awesome and we’re hilarious together, if I do say so myself). She blew my mind at the time, and she shares how she made the switch.

I also interview Carol Fishman Cohen of iRelaunch, a great resource for tips and dozens and dozens of success stories of other women who stepped off the career path for family — then came back with a vengeance. Have a look … Click here or on the pic below!

WIT Network Earn Mother Betsy Shilts Return Work SAHM

Are you dreaming of returning to work? Stuck? Or maybe you have a return-to-career success story? Share in the comments! 



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