Video: “Flexibility is the new wealth.” Take control of your time and build the life you want.


In the latest episode of my Earn Like a Mother video show, I show how it is critical and very possible to create a career that gives you the flexibility every mom craves. To watch, click here or on the pic below:

WITNetwork flexibility new wealth earn mother emma johnson


If you own control of your time, you can do anything! The great news is that technology and new business models mean there are untold opportunities for parents to own their time to build dynamic careers while managing a growing family. In this episode I interview Sara Sutton Fell, founder and CEO of career site FlexJobs (an awesome job site for finding professional work-at-home and other flexible careers), who speaks to the job opportunities for moms who want flexible schedules, and Debra Cohen, founder and CEO of Home Remedies, a booming digital business that she founded so she could spend more time with her family while earning far more than at her (lucrative) sales corporate job.





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