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Best cars for single moms

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2012 Honda Cr V

When launching starting your new life, you may find you need a new set of wheels. I contacted Michael Jordan, the executive editor the car information site, and asked: “What are the best cars for recently divorced moms looking for a sexy, environmentally conscious, and family-friendly ride?”

Single motherhood is a place in which lots of women find themselves,” Michael responded. “It takes an imaginative leap to combine style (which is an interpretation of environmental consciousness), practicality (to pick up dry cleaning as well as big clumsy items from Home Depot), and family friendliness (for easy access to the kids’ books to sports gear).” But it can be done.

Here’s’s advice for single moms with budgets for luxury, mid-priced and budget rides:


$$$: Volvo XC70

Why: “This car projects an restrained European simplicity that says you’ve got things under control, since it delivers better fuel economy than a crossover, has all-wheel drive for all-weather, and has the hatchback and flip-down seats that are a godsend on weekends,” Jordan says.

Price: from $33,450 (2013 model)

Mileage: 19 city/25 highway



$$: Honda CR-V 

Why: “There’s a reason that crossover vehicles are so popular: they’re easy to drive, comfortable to sit in, wonderfully practical to use, and can cope with bad weather,” Jordan says. “And nothing says environmental respectability like Honda.”

Price: from $22,459 (2012 model)

Mileage: 23 city/31 highway



$: Ford Focus 5-door hatchback

Why: “This is a premium sedan packaged in a small footprint, so you need give up nothing in the way of style, comfort and convenience features, and everyday practicality,” Jordan says.

Price: from $19,200 (2013 model)

Mileage: 26 city/36 highway



  1. Traci

    Ha! I just paid off my white, Honda CRV! And I love it! Now whenever my kids see another white CRV, they say, “Look! Another MOMMYs car!”

    • Adele Turner
      Adele Turner02-13-2013

      I’m 48yrs old and just got custody of my 2granddaughters from NY I reside in NC,I raised my own 2 kids and now Im a disabled vet,It’s hard for me for I do not have a car.I get really depressed not being able to get around to take them places.And I just dont know where to turn.I’m trying to save for a car but with just drawing ssi its taking me longer.I wanted to know if there is some kind of funding or Org that can assist me in getting a car so me and my grandbabies can have a better life.

  2. Emma

    Case in point! Emdunds doesn’t mess around.

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