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6 tips for taking a road trip with little kids as a single mom — and enjoying it

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Me (right) with my kids and Grandma in Milwaukee

Kids and me visiting Grandma in Milwaukee

As I detailed here and here, last month the kids and I took 10-day trip. Why was everyone I know warning me not to make the trek from New York City to rural Illinois with my two children? Maybe it’s because the kids are ages 3 and 5. Or perhaps they worried my sanity would be tested by the fact that this journey happened by car. Or was it that I did it alone, with no other adult along for the good times?

Despite friends’ and acquaintances’ dire predictions of highway meltdowns and sleepless nights in hotels, I was thrilled to find how fun and relaxing the trip was. Lucas and Helena were remarkably well behaved, and I enjoyed the whole experience far more than I predicted—and despite the naysayers’ shrill warnings, I predicted it would be fun!

I had never done a trip like this with Helena and Lucas, and I learned a few things about traveling with little kids. If you plan on taking a similar trip, I detailed everything you need to know for my client in this article. Check it out!

  1. Kelly

    My kids and I leave next Wednesday for our 4 day trip, and just last week they were asking me what traditions we have!! I will for sure use your ideas when we set out next week!

  2. Emma

    That’s great! Have fun and report back!

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