50 ways to piss off a single mom

Know a single mom you hate? Here are 50 sure-fire things you can say to make her blood boil. Warning: she will also want to kill you.



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4 thoughts on “50 ways to piss off a single mom

  1. Ways to tick this single mother off:

    “It must be so hard”

    My response: Sometimes, but no different to the challenges most people deal with in their lives. And by the way, thanks for reminding me how hard and pathetic my life is…I thought I was doing ok until you pointed out that I clearly wasn’t.

    From people who knew your ex “Your ex was a (insert derogatory name) and I knew it wouldn’t last”

    My response: Thanks for that assessment of my relationship and life. I’m not whinging about my ex, so I’m wondering why you are. And by the way, you are a (insert derogatory term) and I don’t think we will last.

    Thanks for the laugh. I’m lucky to not have experienced the full extent of comments you have experienced…yet!

  2. Hi Emma–I’m a subscriber, how do I access this? I would love to read it-I have had many ridiculous things said to me as a single mom.

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